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Walkable Floor Plans

Our projector system uses complex blending software to allow you to walk among your plans before you even begin the building process. You will have the opportunity to view up to 3,750 square feet at once!

Starting at just $999 you can come see us and save thousands of dollars that are typically wasted on changes and modifications made due to dissatisfaction. We allow you to discover just what you are building whether that be too much or not building enough.

Using props, furniture on wheels, and tape measurers you can fully furnish and measure your project for a complete understanding you can not acquire anywhere else. 

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Whether coming in through a builder, architect, or individually, residential floorplans are the main audience we expect to see in our clientele.

Pool and Landscape

For anyone wondering how much room their pool will leave them in the backyard, or how big that garden will be, we can turn that curiosity into comprehension.

Remodel Preview

For both small and big projects we can help make it happen. For example, doing a major kitchen remodel can be difficult to imagine, but we can help by putting both the old and new floorplans side by side to give you confidence in your decision.

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