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Our Mission

Visionary Plan Preview wants to bring a reliable, trustworthy, and fun service that fills a much-needed gap. We wish to help reflect all the brilliance that goes into putting someone's dream on the ground by removing the stress and worry from the equation.



Visionary Plan Preview will be the first business to offer full-scale walkable floor plans in Lubbock and the surrounding areas and will appeal to residential, commercial, and educational needs. The ability for local consumers to experience a layout before they finalize plans will lead to better outcomes for buyers and builders.

Our Process

On our website, you will schedule a 90-minute session with our availability calendar, which updates with each session scheduled. Once you schedule we will contact you. Then, simply acquire your plans from your personal architect and send Visionary a file of your plans in a PDF format. Upon arrival, Visionary will have your plan ready to be viewed and you will walk along your design accompanied by one of our Showroom Guides.

We offer many services including walkable floor plans, commercial floor plan walkthroughs, virtual reality walkthroughs, and multi-session rentals.


Our Values


An easy process for anyone looking to clear any confusion about their architectural projects.


A hands-on process unlike any other that involves props for a total and complete understanding on your floor plan.


A fun family-friendly process that thrives on its open and honest concept


A 90-minute process that can be scheduled around the consumer's availability.

Ben Lack is the Founder and Owner of Visionary Plan Preview

With over 20 years of experience as an architectural designer and a homebuilder, there is no one better to help you deeply understand your project.


With multiple projects and inventions to his name, Ben Lack is the most qualified person for the job. He could not be more excited to share his creation with you!

Ben Lack

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